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Athens Travel Guide - Athens is considered to be the cradle of modern civilization. It is named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who won the city after defeating Poseidon in a fight. The victory of Athena led to the building of the Temple on the Acropolis as a monument.
Athens is the capital of Greece, an ancient city, steeped in centuries of history with a rich culture but now a massive modern city which has recently hosted the Olympic Games. The city of Athens has mild winters and hot summers and is worth a visit at any time of the year. There’s a good selection of hotels in Athens, but with the number on offer, it is worth while doing some online research to find what you want. It’s nice to reserve your accommodation well in advance so you can plan out your visit.
Athens is a mixture of Middle Eastern and Western cultures and it’s still possible to see very old Greek customs being observed there. Athens has a population of 5 million and over three million visitors come to the city of Athens every year.

 The Romans conquered Athens and then beautified the city with numerous amazing monuments as well as completing the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest temple in Greece. Plaka is the old town of Athens. Situated on the slopes of the Acropolis, it’s rich with historic monuments and churches. In Athens are eight large hills, including the Acropolis, at the centre of the city. You can see productions of ancient plays in their original settings in Athens. Or, you may prefer to explore the many shops and restaurants. Athens is a dream city with echoes of Ancient Greece at every turn.

 Modern downtown Athens is overlooked by the twin legendary hills of Lycabbetus and the Acropolis. It spreads in every direction but the center of the City is Syntagma Square. Athens has a load of monuments from all eras - Byzantine, medieval etc and it also has one of the best museums in the world. Many parts of Athens, particularly in the outlying areas have a great natural beauty. You’ll also enjoy the cafés, bars and markets in all the little streets around the Pláka. There's one or two cafes that serve delicious smoothies and refreshing juices that'll make you think about making some yourself at home. Why not? Better get yourself either the best juicer for wheatgrass, citrus, and the like, or the best slow juicers. Learn more from juicerelite.clubAlso, Athens has the finest restaurants and the most varied nightlife in the country so you’ll never be short of things to do.

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